How Great Zen Helped Create My Home


I grew up in a house with lots of decorations, but I never thought about them. It was just the way that my mom decorated, and it seemed normal to me. But when I went away to college, everything changed. Suddenly my tiny dorm room wasn’t enough space to hold all of my stuff—and I had so much! It was overwhelming, especially since it felt like there were no boundaries between the different areas of my life: work, school work, friends’ places…it all blended together into one big mess. That’s when I realized that my home should reflect who I am as an individual: calm and peaceful and beautiful without being obtrusive or ostentatious. Luckily for me (and you), Zen is an important part of my life!

My home is a reflection of my creative vision.

I’m a firm believer that having a creative vision is crucial to living a meaningful life. It’s what gives us direction and helps us live up to our potential. When I decided to move out on my own, I knew that my home would be an extension of this vision: it needed to reflect who I was as an individual, but also represent some aspect of my personality or interests.

I’ve always been drawn toward the arts–especially music and film–and so it only made sense for me to create an aesthetic which reflected those interests. From there, I started looking at other aspects of myself: What do I like? What makes me happy? How can these things all come together into one cohesive whole?

I learned about Zen from my mother’s decorating style.

Zen is a way of life. It’s about living in the moment, being present and mindful of your surroundings. It’s about being aware of what you have, not just what you don’t have. Zen is also about harmony with nature–if it grows, it should be used; if it dies, let it go back into the earth where it came from so that other things may grow instead.

My mother has always been very good at incorporating these principles into her decorating style; I learned them through her example when I was growing up at home as well as during my college years when we would spend time together on weekends or holidays visiting family friends’ homes who were also interested in Feng Shui (another form of Eastern philosophy).

I wanted my home to be peaceful and calm.

Zen is a way of life. It’s more than just meditation, it’s a way of living in the moment. Zen means mindfulness and peacefulness, which can be achieved through meditation or simple activities like gardening or cooking.

I wanted my home to be peaceful and calm, so I decided that I would use zen principles throughout my house by incorporating them into every room in some way.

The first thing I did was clean out all the clutter.

  • Clean out all the clutter

The first thing I did was clean out all the clutter. I threw away things that were broken, or had been sitting around for years without being used. Then, I organized everything into categories: books, clothes and toys for kids; electronics; kitchen utensils; etc. This made it easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it!

  • Create a place for everything

Next up was making sure there were places in my home where people could put their stuff when they came over–and not just any old place either but somewhere specific so that everyone knew exactly where their belongings should go when they arrived at our house (or left). For example: if we had guests staying over night then one room would become theirs during their stay–this way there wouldn’t be any confusion about where things should go back after use because there are no other options available outside this designated area.”

Zen is an important part of my life, and this shows in how I decorate my home

Zen is an important part of my life, and this shows in how I decorate my home. The philosophy of Zen encourages simplicity, quiet and beauty. It’s about finding a balance between the world around you and your inner self. It’s about being in the moment–not worrying about what happened yesterday or tomorrow; instead focusing on what is happening right now.

The best way to achieve zen is through meditation, but there are other ways too! For example: Instead of having piles of clothes on your floor (which just adds stress), hang up clothing items as soon as they come out of the dryer so that everything has its place; this will help keep your space clean and organized so that when guests come over there won’t be any clutter for them to trip over or step into while trying not get tangled up in something else lying around like shoes or keys etcetera…


I’m so glad I learned about Zen and how it can help me to live a more peaceful life. The first thing I did was clean out all the clutter in my house, which was an overwhelming task at first but now feels amazing! Now when I look around at everything that makes up my home, I feel so grateful because each piece carries with it memories of times spent together with loved ones or traveling abroad on exciting adventures.